We believe in following our hearts 100% and living life full out. In order to truly live this mantra we practice EXCEPTIONAL self care. We know our choices affect our energy level and ability to be present and are committed to daily mediation, exercise, time with loved ones and a colourful soul nourishing diet.

Our lifestyle choices have supported us on a whirlwind of adventures - studying yoga in India, learning flamenco dance in Spain, safariing in Kenya, and checking out the hippest healthy hotspots in Cali, NYC, San Fran, Chicago, Miami and more. We want you to feel amazing too!

It can be hard to shift your lifestyle but the effort is TOTALLY WORTH IT and we're here to guide you along the way with:

  • Simple healthy recipes
  • Meditation & mindset tips
  • Exercises
  • Inspiration
  • and of course, The Lifestyle Pass.

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