Our 3 Favourite Tricks For Making Lifestyle Changes That Stick

2017 is here! We aren't big on making new year's resolutions but we are big on constantly reviewing our lives and making changes that add more joy and happiness. Here are the 3 tricks we use when creating new habits:

  1. Add don't Subtract - Our egos HATE being told they "can't" do something and instantly rebel and scheme to sabotage our efforts. Instead of focusing on dropping things that don't serve your wellbeing focus on adding things that do: add more veggies to your diet; drink more water; move, laugh and play more every day. Focus on adding a quantifiable amount of something that is good for you and allow the habits that aren't to drop away on their own. 
  2. Create Accountability - Accomplishing goals and ticking off checklists feel good. We have an old school pen and paper checklist created for our morning practice (drink a tall glass of lemon water, meditate for 25 minutes, practice physical yoga, read something inspiring.) It's energizing to start the day with four big checks. If checklists aren't your thing you can create accountability by working on goals with a friend or by any method your creativity comes up with.
  3. Make it Fun - Life is meant to be joyful! The purpose of creating new habits is to add more joy and vibrancy to your life, NOT to punish yourself. Make sure you choose goals that make your heart happy. If you want to add more movement to your life but HATE lifting weights DON'T DO IT!!! Choose something else instead - sign up for dance classes with a friend, hike in nature, go ice skating. Make sure you are loving your self and not punishing yourself:)

We created the Lifestyle Pass with these three tricks in mind. The businesses in the pass are great additions to your daily routine, they are fun to visit and the communities you will connect to through them will help keep you accountable. We hope the Lifestyle Pass helps you make 2017 one of the healthiest, happiest years of your life:)

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