We Got Sculpted!!

It seems like such an elegant, simple thing....standing at the ballet barre, gracefully moving your body. NEWP!!  Tess killed us (in a good way) when we popped in to visit her at Sculpt Barre.  This boutique barre studio on Lorimer near the Ikea is gorgeous, full of good energy and will leave you sweating and wanting more!  Check out our video below.  First class is always free and Lifestyle Pass holders receive sweet deals on 2 week and 1 month passes.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable workout clothing
  • Water Bottle
  • Special grip socks - they're super cute and you can buy them at the studio

Lifestyle Pass Sculpt Offers

2 weeks of unlimited classes for $20


40% off your 1 month unlimited pass ($66 savings)

Get your pass, grab a friend and visit Sculpt today:)