Joyful. Vibrant. Connected.

Not feeling this way?  We’ll change that!  We love the Peg and the top notch wellness hotspots we have here. Get ready for a year of heart pumping, soul nurturing adventures. Join us in making this the healthiest and happiest year of your life!

You Deserve to Feel Great


You know you could feel better but life moves so fast! You're constantly running from place to place, grabbing mediocre food on the go. You’d love to find a new wellness regime but where do you start? How do you make time? And what if you choose the wrong one and waste a lot of your hard earned money?

Sound familiar? We felt this way too and worse, we felt totally alone on our journey.  It can seem overwhelming but with a little support you can live the vibrant life of your dreams and we’ve created the perfect local guide to help you on your way. We’ve handpicked our favourite Winnipeg wellness businesses and made it easy for you to get out, try new experiences, make new friends and take better care of yourself.  All of this while saving thousands of dollars.   Your new life is just a passport away!

I received the Lifestyle Pass as a gift from my sister and it has been great. I love the pass because it helps get me focused on many healthy local alternatives for my holistic journey and gives me practical tools to move my health and wellness forward.
— Jeff Golfman